In the months since, Trudeau’s Liberal government has spent hundreds of billions of dollars on special programs to support people and businesses, barred foreign tourists from Canada, and overseen efforts to buy up much-needed medical gear and coronavirus vaccine candidates. The Tiangson campaign conceded in the morning after, thanking everyone for their supports and efforts. Given how close the race was for 85% of the polls, and given the overall low turnout for the by-election, this peculiarity has led us to ask: under what circumstances could all of these votes appear in the very last moments of the counting? For Robbins-Kanter, the other “interesting factor” in the byelections was the People’s Party Leader Maxime Bernier — a longtime Quebec Conservative MP — chose to run in York Centre. While the last few minutes had a slight Saks lead, it followed the general statistical dead-head trend. Both ridings have decades-long histories of electing Liberals and have been held by the party since 2015. The losing side also analyzes what went wrong, and why they lost. Candidates and results. October 26, 2020 by-elections Scheduling. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau participates in a fireside discussion with journalist Marci Ien at a Black History Month reception at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa, on Monday, Feb. 24, 2020. The letter is as follows. Paul, meanwhile, soared to second with almost 33 per cent of the vote — more than quadrupling the meagre seven per cent she garnered for the Green Party in Toronto Centre during the 2019 general election. Then something strange happened. The NDP dropped four points in York Centre to less than six per cent of the vote, while the Greens dropped almost one point to 2.6 per cent. OTTAWA—A federal byelection nail-biter between the Liberals and Conservatives was playing out late Monday night in North York, while Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s party was set to successfully defend another perceived stronghold in downtown Toronto. The entire city remains Liberal red, as it … The byelections also come in the wake of the WE Charity controversy, amid accusations of government corruption from the Opposition over how the Liberals outsourced a $544-million funding agreement to the organization that has paid tens of thousands of dollars in speaking fees and expenses to members of the prime minister’s family — including his wife Sophie Grégoire Trudeau. TORONTO, Canada – There are always rumblings in the losing side of anything, whether it be sports, beauty pageants, and elections. Last Updated Oct 27, 2020 at 5:36 am EST At around 11:45 pm, the Tiangson campaign was ahead by 41 votes – still a statistical dead-heat. permissions/licensing, please go to: by The Canadian Press. But the polls reported at 11:51 were so strangely different from the rest of the polls that many Filipinos started to wonder how to explain this sudden batch of Saks votes that arrived at the opportune time. Kindly acknowledge receipt of this request, and, due to the pressing nature of this issue, please address our query within 14 days of this letter’s date. Canadian elections are considered in the eyes of the world as a paragon and example of electoral transparency and cleanliness, even compared to the elections in the United States. If you'll be away during advanced polls or on election day, which is on October 26, you can vote by mail or in person at an Election Canada office. Many Filipinos who were watching the results started to look and parse at their phone screenshots of the results, and shared their screenshots with other Filipinos, puzzled by the same question.