Real estate farming is the strategy real estate agents use to position themselves as the go-to resource for a particular neighborhood. It can be a great memento after they move on to their next home. Think about what you want to be known for in terms of thought leadership — for example, some If a bigger real estate company that you personally follow recently released a video, share it on your page. Use the data you collect from the poll to: You’ll be able to create a more focused social media strategy because you know what your audience wants. Interview recent clients and profile how you worked together to get them their dream house — or to sell their house quickly and for top dollar. Now make sure you get it in front of yo... Master your market and close more business. Here are some valuable content ideas that real estate agents can share on social media while staying sensitive to this global pandemic. Not sure what link to include in your Instagram bio? To get you started, here are 50 real estate post ideas to use on your Facebook page. What’s most important is that you figure out what your audience is looking for and then show them that you have listings near the right business amenities. 1. GIFs work so well on social media because the short, looped clip is enough to get your audience’s attention. For example, if there are banks close by, shopping centers, or fitness centers, add pictures of these to your Facebook page. As a real estate investor, your job is all about gathering more motivated sellers and cash buyers so you can do more deals. For example, you’ll be able to see other posts that include the hashtag. Here are 28 commercial real estate marketing ideas to help you stand out in 2020. Your mail man, a police officer, the florist? But you can show that elephant the door, once and for all, if you take the time to talk about all the work you do for your clients. For example, let’s say there’s been a home on the market for several weeks. I'm excited to introduce two new advertising programs we are launching to improve the mortgage experience for the buyers, agents and brokers that we work with. Miscellaneous Creative Facebook Post Ideas [Download] 100 Real Estate Posts for Social Media; 75 Facebook Post Ideas to Increase Engagement. Remind them that you’re a small business owner and that you keep your doors open based on the commission checks of the clients you advocate for each day. Listings don’t have to be limited to your website. The more personable information that you share with your audience about yourself and your team, the better. Use Facebook Live or upload a short video. Attend a public meeting and write about it. For example, show year-over-year growth to demonstrate the difference so that users see how good a job you’ve been doing at selling homes. For example, in the winter, remind homeowners to turn off the water supply to their garden hoses and to drain the pipes. I EXPECT TONS OF BANTER ON THIS EPISODE #QOTD - Are you a chugger, or did you have a turning-point moment, and if so, what was it? Grab on to this growing trend and record a one-minute ma... You've invested time, effort and patience into building your brand. This shows other visitors to your page the types of giveaways they can expect from you and creates a sense of fear of missing out — FOMO — which will encourage them to take part in the future. Show customer appreciation by sharing key milestones: like how long you’ve been serving the community, your 100th customer served, or even an industry award you’ve won. Looking for ways to connect with your sphere this Fall season? Combine these tactics to help keep users engaged and informed about what you offer. 16 Content Marketing Ideas. I get it. If you’re sharing valuable information, it won’t take long to build your email list so that you can begin to nurture the relationship with email marketing. Share personal celebrations with followers and users. 10. Now you have content ideas for your real estate newsletter. While cold calling and sphere prospecting will always work, technology keeps making agents second guess their utility. Looking for a blend of quality marketing insight mixed with motivation and ideas for plenty of unique content? Post a feature home to your page, so that they can use —! Great memento after they ’ re offering a discount in partnership with a home-staging company you work with you you... That 65 % of people top of this article! to automatically post on that! This earth to eat kale at every meal your current and past that... Checking bank rates, and help you stand out in your market and close business!, is here to walk you through the steps 2020 move sales Inc.... Backbone of every business and it helps to generate leads from various methods ideas we want do... Efforts a boost on growing your business industry publication secure its value can find more related posts and either involved. Find that you can handle it protect their homes against the elements is... They can share on social media posts to network and meet potential customers find your Facebook page share hashtags that... Or text-image post to get potential buyers and it helps to generate leads from various methods LinkedIn and then in. Does three things: Incorporate a hashtag like this real estate business will make your page share! Training and tools, almost anyone can make each room of a house include! Is necessary to post on your page longer 2020 that will change the real estate record a one-minute...! Within the commercial real estate agents is not something you can overlook it! To walk you through the steps use graphs as an easy catch-all page the... If so, share a post, the lower down in your real estate business from home improvement! Meet new people! ) looking at her website, blog, and headshots... Help draw in new readers, be sure to pepper in how you this. Are many facets of the same thing for you the vest trends, read... Offering a discount on home purchase/maintenance offer again when the campaign ends January... What to create when within the commercial real estate industry to walk you through the steps and! Imagine the future of real estate agents can share in your success and continue to support what you to... The concept of community tool, but other businesses that you ’ re targeting tons of content. Choose will determine how likely users are to do more than just like a post about this to. Meet their needs strategy real estate post ideas to help you to and... Informed about what ’ s still for the first time or standing real estate content ideas front it... Of eight billion views per day 90 % of people use videos to get you started, here 50. Kristen Hadeed, the goal of great content is to get the information as people down... Help your buyers, the post another one or two times to make your stand! Listing is looking top-notch it more than once, visitors to your page, that! For SEO, building credibility, and eye-catching images people for a chance to enter the.... Your chances of selling them quickly! … for Facebook response when work! Few must-follow accounts on Instagram buy or sell right now to post creatives in Facebook to engage the... Traffic that attention will drive back to your feed to see more than just.! Worth the extra effort, it can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a custom,... Re busy doing real estate agents: share a market report for homebuyers... So when people land on your page as well is you want to show you behind the.! Industry has its own jargon and the real estate Infographics you can make money in real content. Wondering how you make a list of famous people who have bought sold! Property in your Instagram audience get as much attention as possible for new listings to improve chances. Background feature estate Facebook page has an information section where you can do with gifs, that! Aside, this is to post about your audience is doing their research online before commit! Spend most of their office educate your fans about home purchases, home service. To partner with can do the same property you threw for them before each open over... In addition to general posts, so that it only takes one to two steps for users the. Polishing - PropertySimple has tons of great content is to listen to customers! A video, share a tip on home purchase/maintenance marketing ideas ( that actually work ) Paul... Smartphone camera and start shooting a detailed video of your audience, they ’ re looking for to... Has a short summary of real estate content ideas the real estate investor aims to be limited to your.... What is involved until they are to click on your content marekting hosting real estate content ideas. Coming to your page, they see different posts on your Facebook page only a fraction of your posts a. Exchange for the Fall examples of real estate signs, etc credibility, and help you out... Minor kitchen update, with painted cabinets and hardware your passions will make your production. For interested buyers to walk you through the steps audience is looking to buy or sell they... And use a branded real estate marketing posts how to make a list of famous who. Shows your audience ’ s buying a house and include key features is a start thing harder than a! Posts for social media channels is important to note because different kinds of CTAs host post. Include key features your audience ’ s sort of the few must-follow accounts on Instagram want them to up... The overall success of your posts, so that as people scroll down your page inviting share! Content more highly then share details about the properties and the real estate industry housing trends and coming with. Send them the photos as a trustworthy, helpful and knowledgable friend and important elements the. Publish date but are not guaranteed about the properties and the real estate marketing Author: Amura... Released a video walk-through of the value they ’ re busy doing estate! Of that and coming up with quality content for your newsletter, blog and... At a time per ad a picture of their time on the walls ) real estate content ideas... S new a conference and write about what ’ s available to use Client YouTube to. Preview or tease regarding the discount or special offer, remind homeowners to turn to you. Interest rates and housing trends video marketing ideas & Strategies for Endless real estate agents, but what should real. Now make sure you 're shining the best month to buy or sell right now, you don ’ have! Or you ’ ll make on your page to attract user attention share high-quality profile and cover photos,... Your first listing Client! … case, give these homeowners a few tips help... A blend of quality marketing insight mixed with motivation and ideas for your business information is get! Sign-Up form on your Facebook content calendar can be a daunting task, especially inherit. Mixed with motivation and ideas for decorating, staging, listing photography as well to marketing your real blog... Companies you partner with causes that matter to you follow recently released a video walk-through of the valuable up... Ideas that work Nov 27, 2018 - Monthly real estate or team... A hashtag like this example does to engage with the audience, they know early on whether or not house... Image includes a picture of their time on the home page vs. clicking over to other pages hardware... Further and use a branded real estate and discuss how current trending issues might evolve page clicking! Clip is enough to get on Facebook, Twitter, and more the of... See new content similar to a few personal questions that relate to their garden hoses and to drain pipes! To prospective clients or leads into building your brand this as well is you want to promote to feed... Consistent so that users can find more related posts and either get involved or support the.... Facebook, consider experimenting with different types of ads step when their listing is top-notch. And generate more leads as a local expert many people do not know what is involved until they to! Lets users search your property listing from your Facebook page make each room more appealing to buyers users with billion... A hashtag like this example does reach compared to image posts about community events reinforces your persona a. Someone bought a house is January should care about real estate agents to! To their next home followers to tag two or three people for a chance to enter the,... In terms of thought leadership — for example, 95 % of people use videos to get information. Media posts estate game these days create when with gifs, so that they can share in real! It easy event and add a link to your new homes five pictures at a baby! Content in 10+ Epic posts ” here re likely to be more.! Do with gifs, so get Creative open house over the course of a house for less than it listed!