Put on the rubber gloves. Thanks for the tip, Yvonne. This is an ideal process if you want to create a white, aged or mineralized... 2. Sand the surface of the metal with a sander or sanding block. LOL. Thanks for the tip..Cassie. New galvanized steel has a bright shiny coating and a reflectivity over 70%. Using a sanding block, lightly sand the exterior of your galvanized bucket until the shine is gone and... Age It. Where is your tree this year? Aging Galvanized Metal. 1. Thats interesting! There were still some spots that seemed a bit shiny and a little too new looking for my liking. . Put it in a plastic tank with the part to age and in a couple of days it will knock the shine off the metal and make it look dull and old. Then, I took a bowl and filled it with vinegar–no measuring- just put plenty because you will be dipping your rag into the bowl to soak it. I discovered this trick too, only I used The Works toilet bowl cleaner that I got at dollar tree. Or should I say Bobby did! I love all things HOME AND GARDEN! To make a piece of galvanized metal look old and rusty and chippy and have a wonderful patina takes years of outdoor wear. Allow to completely dry for 2-3 hours in the sun. Family room??? Came out looking real nice! How to Age Galvanized Metal Bins - Ashley Hackshaw / Lil Blue Boo. The tin originally had a very shiny finish. Bobby LOVES this motley tree stand and I don’t have the heart to tell him to get rid of it. Step 2. LOL! Choose 80-grit sandpaper. optional: toilet bowl cleaner steel wool pad. Pour the toilet bowl cleaner gel onto the metal. I can’t cover it with a tree skirt because the water basin is open…  the tree skirt gets wet and then wicks moisture to all the gifts We have opened soggy gifts more than one year!!! Please wear rubber gloves and take wise precautions! How to Make a New Galvanized Steel Tub Look Old Sand Off Shine. How to Age Galvanized Metal Containers a Little Bit More After the vinegar bath, my containers were pretty well aged, but I felt like I wanted to see if I could take things just a bit further. I had used it for another project and it had globs of permanent glue on it. Remove the tape to prep the area for aging the metal bucket. The stand and tree fits in it perfectly! Posted by Grandma Grace on April 26, 2017. Hugs and blessings, Cindy. https://simpledecoratingtips.com/2020/05/23/age-galvanized-metal The glossy finish was worn off in about 30 minutes, but it didn’t have the look I was hoping for. DIY And Crafts. Foyer? thanks for sharing, Great tips, toilet cleaner who knew? I only give my version because I’m basically lazy & cheap! Go to the store and buy a gallon of the strongest pickling vinegar. vinegar has quite the etching effect I get all my galvanized items are the Tractor supply store- way cheaper than any other place and they always have a super supply in any size. Yes, you can allow the galvanized steel to weather naturally. DIY Aging Metal Pin Challenge Vinegar vs Toilet Bowl Cleaner I have several of these tubs! I have some pails that this would work wonders on too! Then set my clock in the sun. Step 3. Find a galvanized or grey metal object. I love this idea! As for chemicals you only need two things: Clorox Clinging Bleach Gel toilet cleaner (I tried about 5 brands – … ….and spritzed the entire surface. In the summer I pour white vinegar on mine and sit them in the sun. Please feel free to share this blog with your friends, as well as on, How to Avoid a Greasy Mess when Frying on the Stove, Hang a Group of Pictures with even spacing, How to hang a window box SimpleDecoratingTips.com, DIY Natural Simmering Potpourri simpledecoratingtips, How to Mount a Door Knocker in a Hollow Steel Door, moving-a-screened-gazebo-onto-the-property, 1-in the garden with water walls and cloches, Before and After Landscape and a DIY Pergola. Great idea….I am thinking of lots of applications to buckets, etc. He has been such a project helper, lately!!! Oct 5, 2013 - About an hour and a half later, this is what you get when you wash all the toilet bowl cleaner off. Pour half a container of toilet bowl cleaner into your tray. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! I found ACID TOILET BOWL CLEANER in Lowe’s. All you need is some new galvanized metal and some toilet bowl cleaner. Love your tree in a tub…you were right, great minds.:-). You are simply going to apply the cleaner all over your metal piece. Here’s what I started with on the day of the de-shining: eight new containers (all picked up … Continue reading "De-shining galvanized metal, part 2" Next week I’ll show you my Christmas tree in the tub! The aged patina looks great now! I have a tub on my list too but our local farm supply doesn’t have one big enough. Explore. How to Antique New Galvanized Metal - Get The Look For Less! Here’s a way to speed the natural process of the steal coating wearing off. Then, this step is as simple as it sounds. Then clorex… nothing! When we went to serve it, we couldn’t get the cream puffs off – it was frozen so solidly. https://thevintagedepot.blogspot.com/.../how-to-age-galvanized-metal.html “Aging” Galvanized Steel. Today, I’m going to write about the failures. Apply the paste to the pail with an old paint brush. Saved by Amber Crews. You’ll Need… galvanized bucket muriatic acid spray bottle water gloves, goggles, mask. !I have two aged galvanized tubs in the shed…the trick is getting “Mr. I will have to try further away. What a great idea! Oh I love the aged look you achieved and I’m a fan of Christmas trees in metal tubs too! Your email address will not be published. Set a timer for 15-20 … It was a big tall one too. He is almost gleeful when he takes it out to use it! Show up… show us… and show off your creative projects, great tips and any other little tidbit. You can transform them into farmhouse looking decor with this easy DIY. With a couple of common household products and a couple of tools, you can get all aged up in minutes. May 23, 2014 - HOW TO AGE GALVANIZED METAL for a rustic vintage look. Love the galvanized tub, Yvonne. Wash it all off an hour and a half later and this is what you get. StoneGable’s Aging Galvanized DIY toilet bowl cleaner steel wool a safe place to apply the toilet bowl cleaner outdoors rubber gloves hose Because the toilet bowl cleaner was a gel, it did not run and streak. Subscribe to receive updates in your inbox. Carefully mix together about a cup of vinegar, a cup of ammonia, two tablespoons of salt, a clump of steel wool (this will dissolve over time, adding oxidized steel to the mix), and a few pennies. Do tell:):) XOXO, I’ll remember this, Yvonne. One of our customers used your aged metal technique on the metal base for a rolling coffee table. I started with white vinegar. Do it yourself using: (a) vinegar, (b) toilet cleaner, (c) saltwater, (d) antique milk paint, or (e) distress techniques. We were fortunate enough to find a tub at J’s Aunt Ruth’s. Years ago I made one for a Christmas party for our church ladies group and filled them with ice cream. I’m a proud Penn Stater…Carol. I used a heavy duty ziploc bag to soak my tin. In my last post (which you can find here), I wrote about my love of galvanized metal and my success with aging some of my bright, shiny new pieces using vinegar. I’m an empty nester living with my wonderful husband Bobby at StoneGable. Posted in: New Home, ... and even gel toilet bowl cleaner. There are some products that you can use to remove this protective top coat and kick start the natural aging process. Good for you….it looks really good. THE JACQUELINE AND JONATHAN GUEST BEDROOM, HOW TO DECORATE A TABLETOP CHRISTMAS TREE LIKE A DESIGNER, GREEN APPLES AND MASON JAR FALL CENTERPIECE. First I tried vinegar…the finish did not budge. No presanding required either. https://www.stonegableblog.com/how-to-age-galvanized-metal-2 But I have that licked too! A new bucket. Diy Wood Wall Diy Blanket Ladder Aging Metal Aging Wood Bath Bomb Recipes Graphics Fairy … Have a Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year! Was going to do the vinegar first, but now I’ll just go straight to the Lysol. Aging Galvanized Metal. We diluted it for the first application, but it didn’t do enough, so we went full strength and let it sit. I’ve been really wanting to pick up one of these tubs, but the price wasn’t marked on them at my local store so I was scared they’d be crazy expensive. In order to get the glue off I sanded it lightly. He got out his electric hand sander to make the process easier. I roughed up the buckets with the steel wool and then applied the cleaner all over the buckets. Colonial Revival Cottage Reno (our current home), Details on Creating Tablescapes, Vignettes and Hanging Pictures, Chalkboard Art and Hand Lettering Projects, Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window). Oh what a difference a day makes. Rub away at the surface until... 3. Posted by James on April 28, 2013. Probably not the best idea, but it worked. We have the world’s WORST tree stand… aesthetically speaking! Can’t wait to see the tree next week. Thanks for joining us for Part Two of how to age galvanized metal sheets! Subscribe  by e-mail to receive daily inspiration. You should have a nice thick-ish coat of paste on your pail. Would you mind sharing the dimensions of your tub?Thanks,Charlotte. Pretty authentic looking! Maybe yours would work without sanding first too? It does keep our tree watered and fresh… but it is a monster… more like an octopus! Required fields are marked *, I am going to use this method to age galvanized steel on the bottom of a possum belly baker’s table that I am making. But a regular piece of sand paper and some elbow grease would work just as well! Aging Metal Tutorial. Let nature age it. !Wish me luck!!!Fondly,Pat. Our home often feels like a hotel, filled with family and friends. Some toilet bowl cleaner. I let it bake in the sun for a couple of hours with minimal results…..so I went a step further and sprayed it with bleach. I had a good laugh thinking about the croquembouche! I bet it looks great with the tree in it; can’t wait to see it! Very easy… little work… and a very nice aged look. It wasn’t shiny anymore, but it also didn’t have an aged appearance, so I reapplied the toilet bowl cleaner. Turn the bucket upside down and pour the ZEP all over the bucket. Use the steel wool to help evenly spread the ZEP over the surface of the bucket.