I am told that these men are wanted for catering, but that they also man lifeboats, which most of us would do in case of need, and do whatever else they can to help about the ship. The real fact is that the more I went into this question, the more I found out what a small proportion of men join the Mercantile Marine with a view to evading National Service. These occupations are, first of all, coalmining—miners are exempt if they work underground, but not if they work on the surface; the Merchant Navy and agriculture. In some countries there are alternative forms of national service in the secondary lines. The National Service Act is based wholly on the principle of universality: that is to say, that everyone over a certain age has an obligation to serve his country in the Forces. The maintenance charges of all the Services for these complicated weapons is something which is often not recognised, and is largely due to the fact that there is inadequate training in the handling of them. No one would deny that at all. § In UK competition law, exemptions for particular categories of agreement falling within the Chapter I prohibition of the Competition Act 1998, and will be contained in orders made by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) .If an agreement meets the conditions set out in the block exemption it is automatically exempt from the Chapter I prohibition. I can assure my noble friend, Lord Cherwell, that we do try to use National Servicemen who are skilled in a particular job in a job for which they are well suited. Until recently, all young men—perhaps 12,000 a year—were exempted entirely from military service because they proposed to undertake agricultural work. I know that a strong case could be put up for technicians and scientists, but I am sure the noble Lord will understand—and it is not for me to defend the Government in this matter—that the number of apprentices who are deferred from their National Service is larger than that for almost any other section of industry. As other noble Lords have said, these catering men in time of war, with their sea experience, are invaluable to the Royal Navy, both for the R.N.R. You are about to leave travel.state.gov for an external website that is not maintained by the U.S. Department of State. explain what is the overall position with regard to deferment of National Service—deferment, not exemption, for there is no exemption. I think I heard it said—and I fancy that the noble Lord, Lord Cherwell, would rather like this—that all scientists ought to be deferred because of their great importance to industry and research. Further, there are some excellent schools where boys are trained; they go to sea in the ordinary way and the majority of them are given assistance, and, as I say, they continue their sea training without interference and without being brought back to serve with any branch of the Regular Forces. industrial development generally, but in the difficulties of the international situation. The definition of a merchant seaman is a person employed or engaged in any capacity on board any ship, and thus the catering department personnel are included in the deferment. It is not only in large liners that there must be efficient catering staff; there must be efficient cooks, waiters and stewards in other categories of ships. I should like again to raise the question which Lord Glyn, Lord Hall and others have raised—a point that bears very closely on my own knowledge—and that is in connection with scientists. Students traveling from the Schengen Area, the UK, and Ireland with valid F-1 and M-1 visas do not need to contact an embassy or consulate to seek an individual national interest exception to travel. I do not think there is anything further that I want to say on this Motion, because the noble Lord, if he will forgive my saying so, has really argued against his Motion, and most of the points I was going to use have already been covered adequately. the experience of two world wars behind us, and of the essential part which the Merchant Navy played in those wars, we should be asking for trouble if, for short-term advantage, we did anything to weaken the man-power of our Merchant Fleet. What is National Service … On the other hand, we have unskilled, often relatively uneducated, lads, only marginally learning to man our merchant ships, and very often learning to do odd jobs in the catering trade, in a floating luxury hotel. 444 448 of exceptional ability, trained, at great public expense, to do a particular job of national importance in peace time and, especially, in war. The current Executive Order is 13526. Had all the applications been granted, there would have been very little National Service, and the difficulties we should have been faced with long before today would have been great. When it comes to adding to the list of deferments for National Service, considerable difficulties arise. It would have a most unfortunate effect on the crews if one section of the ship's company were treated any differently from the other. For instance, there are a number of men employed on cleaning the decks, on washing down and painting; and a number of engineers who are employed in maintaining machinery installed in the ship only for the "hotel" purposes of the ship. But such men are in a small minority, because in a modern ship engineers of all kinds have to play a much larger part than the deck staff. 449 It seems to me, however, that it would be quite ludicrous that any young man should be able to escape military service simply by signing on as a cabin boy or apprentice steward or mess-waiter on one of the large Atlantic liners. National Service (NS) is ever the hot topic in Singapore, being one of the few matters that always sparks debate and spurs discussion. There is one point I must mention. I ask your Lordships' leave to withdraw the Motion. I am not altogether accurate in saying that there is no exemption, because I believe that clergymen are completely exempt from National Service; but we are not talking about them. 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